Cappadocia – where Europe and Asia meet in Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey – This is where Europe meets Asia, at the heart of present-day Turkey. The area has unique geological features and a rich historical and cultural heritage. Greeks, Persians and Christians were here. These ruins are over 2000 years old and their rich history is literally carved in stone & painted on walls of underground cities. Some sources say that these cave dwellings and chimneys inspired Antoni Gaudí‘s Casa Milá (La Pedrera).

If you plan to visit the area, you can take a train from Ankara or you can fly from Europe directly to Kayseri (airport code ASR). When you get there, visit the open air museum and enjoy a  sunset ride in a hot air balloon above the fairy chimneys. [img via]

One thought on “Cappadocia – where Europe and Asia meet in Turkey

  1. I am an armchair traveler who found pleasure in your description and picture of a place about which I am curious and unlikely to ever have the chance to visit. I particularly like to hear of ancient art and theologies and have followed digs in this region with great interest. Thanks, Kathryn

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